Meet The Fockers

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist using the title from one of my favorite movies. Actually, truth be told, I couldn’t think of a catchy title to introduce some of my main characters, and Meet the Fockers was the only thing that popped into my mind.
Meet Kim Carter. Kim is the book’s main character. She’s young, beautiful, exotic, and half-Asian and half-Italian. Kim is married to Doctor Kendall Carter, a psychiatrist and nouveau best-selling diet book author. Kim had hoped to make a living as an artist, but the sobering realities of life interfered with her dream, so she became a trophy wife instead, working in an art gallery and painting for fun. Oh, I almost forgot . . . she’s also a very expensive, high-class escort. Now, don’t judge her too harshly; there are reasons she does what she does.

Nikki van Metre, Kim’s best friend, is a stunning blue-eyed blond. A computer geek bordering on genius, she’s a self-employed computer security consultant. Numbed by a string of relationships gone sour, Nikki is withdrawn and untrusting when it comes to men until Detective Anthony Spinetti enters her life and she falls head-over-heels in love with him. Sorry for the cliché, but that’s exactly what happens.

I’m always interested in learning about how my readers visualize my characters, so if you read the book and want to share any thoughts about that, please drop me an e-mail at [email protected].

Sometimes, I like to visualize my characters and write down their physical descriptions, as I did with Kim and Nikki. At other times, an actor, actress, or a role played by someone serves as the inspiration for creating a character. Such was the case for my character Kendall Carter. As mentioned, Doctor Kendall Carter, psychiatrist and best-selling author, is Kim’s husband. A self-proclaimed gourmand and lover of expensive wines, Kendall is fond of acquiring the best things that money can buy. The actor I had in mind when I created this character was David Ogden Stiers, who played Major Charles Emerson Winchester III in the television series MASH.

Here’s a taste of Kendall:

“I’m sorry to be tardy, my dear,” Kendall said, “but I decided that a quick shower was in order. As always, you have set a most handsome table.”

“Thank you.” Kim held up her empty glass and smiled guiltily. “I started without you.”

“Well, then,” Kendall said. “Let me refill it.” He refilled both glasses and sat down. “May I assume that the champagne is satisfactory?”

“Yes, Kendall, it’s very good.”

Kendall held the champagne flute under his nose and sniffed. He took a sip, swirled the liquid around in his mouth, and sighed appreciatively. “Ah, champagne. Truly the nectar of the gods. If I could pick but one libation to survive the remainder of my life on, this would be it.”

“You do have a way with words.” Immediately, Kim was sorry she had said anything.

“Why thank you, dear.” Kendall nodded confidently. “Brandi Peters seems to think so as well.”

“Who is that?” Kim asked.

“Brandi Peters is super-agent to the elite. The best representation for the best of the best, as it were.”

“And what about Drew Leffingwell?”

“I dismissed the imbecile. I decided that big-league representation was required, as well as deserved.”

Kim debated whether ask for details or to change the subject. “Have an oyster,” she said. “They look yummy.”

“Ah yes, the oyster. A simple, yet noble bivalve mollusk from the family Ostreidae. The word derives, of course, from the Greek word for shell: Ostrakon.”

If ever there was a man who tries to avoid using words with less than three syllables it would have to be Kendall Carter.

Anthony Spinetti is a homicide detective with the Boca Raton, Florida, police department. The best vision I can give you of the “Hollywood handsome” Spinetti is to think of a young George Clooney. Quite the ladies’ man, and more than happy to play the field. But all that changes when he meets Nikki, and he’s not quite sure how he feels about it.

Frank Famulari is the head of a New York crime family. He’s normally very calm and reserved, much like Vito Corleone’s character in The Godfather, unless, of course, you get on his bad side. Then you’re in some very serious trouble, and your best hope for survival is to run for the hills. When I think about which famous actor would be a good fit for this character, Anthony Quinn is the first one who comes to mind.

In addition to the handful of characters I’ve introduced here, there are a quite a few more that appear in the book. Each one is colorful and unique in his or her own way, and each one brings a special dimension to the story.

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